Nature’s Remedy: Barn Owl Box Distributor on the Central Coast of California


Nature’s Remedy: Barn Owl Box Company Distributor in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara Counties

Offers Installation and Maintenance of Barn Owl Boxes

Glenn Prichard, owner of Nature’s Remedy, is a distributor of Barn Owl Box Company nest boxes in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties in California. His company is dedicated to educating farmers about the benefits of using barn owls for environmentally safe rodent control through the use of nest box programs. In addition to offering our high quality owl boxes for sale, Glenn also provides installation and annual maintenance services for his nest boxes, giving farmers and property owners the peace of mind in knowing that an experienced professional will install the boxes for optimum results and maintain them properly.

Glenn, who has been installing and maintaining nest boxes for several years, observes that California landowners are generally very concerned for the environment and wildlife natural habitats. He adds, “Fortunately people in this area show good stewardship over their land. My goal is to increase the number of barn owls on the Central Coast.  By luring barn owls to nest boxes on their land, property owners are able to keep gophers, rats, field mice, voles and more from destroying precious crops.”

Barn Owl Box Installation Recommendations

For optimum results, Glenn recommends installing boxes every 10 to 15 acres; he supplements his nest box programs by installing tall perches in the middle of rodent colonies to enable other raptors such as red tailed hawks to hunt the vineyards and orchards.

Poor man's billboardOnce a distributor of wooden boxes, Prichard switched over to the Barn Owl Box Company plastic design due to its lightweight, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Along with installing the boxes and perches, Prichard educates property owners about the dangers of using poisons and rodenticides that can kill domestic animals and other wildlife while attempting to eradicate the destructive pests.

Interest in Barn Owl Boxes Increasing in Central Coast Counties

Prichard describes his work as “fulfilling and exciting” as he travels throughout Central Truck and Oso Libre installCalifornia; working with down-to-earth practical people that also care about the environment and wildlife conservation. He adds, “I’ve had a love for animals all my life. I rescue for Pacific Wildlife Care and I see the effect of poison and encroaching development on red-tailed hawks, great horned owls and other animals. The success of my work through Nature’s Remedy has led to inquiries by cities to establish barn owl nesting box programs in their communities.”

Anyone living in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, or Santa Barbara Counties interested in having nest boxes installed can contact Glenn and Nature’s Remedy:

Visit , call Glenn Prichard at 805-712-8609, or email

Nature’s Remedy is a locally owned and operated business that services San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. Professional affiliations include the Independent Grape Growers of the Paso Robles Area, Central Coast Vineyard Team, Central Coast Olive Growers, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and the Templeton Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Barbara Wolff-Rohland
    Barbara Wolff-Rohland says:

    Dear Glenn Prichard,
    we are a small group of people in Germany, who care for Birds of Prey, we have built up a Bird Sanctuary in a nature reserve. Do you know any other producer of theses special Barnowlboxes in Europe ?
    If not, how much do your boxes cost and how much would be the shipping ?
    And let me say, it’s great to read about your activities everyday at Natures Remedy, especially for me, because I’m caring for the Owls and live with a Barnowl, which could not set free anymore. I’m thankfull, that I can do little work and protect Nature… the way….there are stupid, greedy and ignorant people all over the world……I try to teach young people, Kindergarden and pupils to open their eyes and being aware……..never give up, what you are doiing is great.
    Wish you a lot of energy and joy.
    All the best.
    Barbara Wolff-Rohland

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