The Barn Owl Box Company nest boxes for birds from barn owls to bluebirds, made from molded, rugged plastic, are the lightest in weight and longest lasting nest boxes on the market. They will not rot or need rebuilt. Our designs take into account the latest in research on the birds’ requirements. We also offer inexpensive pole kits for barn owl and bluebird nest boxes that are easy to install.


Pole Model Barn Owl Box $185



The Pole ModelThe Pole Model comes with a galvanized-metal mounting-bracket that attaches easily to the top of a wooden post, or to the flange on a metal pole. This model is designed to be installed in full sun and stay close to ambient temperature. To accomplish this it uses special reflective pigment and an efficient venting system. It is actually two boxes in one: an outer box of highly reflective white plastic, and an inner box of dark brown plastic (to keep it dark for the birds.)


E-Z Barn Owl Nest Box Pole – Galvanized:



Galvanized-Pole Field tested for two years, the E-Z Nest Box Pole Galvanized is the simplest, easiest pole design for erecting a barn owl box. Includes one four-foot 1.25” diameter pipe, two four-foot 1” diameter pipes, a 1” coupling, pipe glue, and a 1 ” floor flange for attaching the nest box. No digging required in areas with soil. Comes in galvanized schedule 40 pipe. All pipe is pre-cut and threaded. Can be installed in fifteen minutes by a single worker.  Box will stand eight feet off the ground. Comes in a 4″ x 4″ x 48″ box.


Barn Model Barn Owl Box



The Barn ModelThe Barn Model is the first barn owl box designed to fit into the side of either a metal or wooden barn and still keep the owls and pest species from access to the interior of the barn.After a 17.5″ square is cut into the barn wall, the box slides in and is fastened to the barn wall from the outside. An expanding foam gasket seals any gaps created by reinforcing ridges to keep weather and pest species out. The lid is then attached with six bolts. (These six plastic bolts and nuts are easily removed later for cleaning.)


The Kestrel Nest Box



Kestrel BoxThe Kestrel Nest Box is constructed of rugged, long-lasting, rotomolded plastic, yet is so lightweight at 5.5 pounds that it can be carried in one hand and mounted on a simple 1” diameter metal pole. The Kestrel Box also uses our patented system of radiant heat-reflective white pigments and efficient venting to keep the box cool.The large rain guard over the entrance hole and our unique, rainproof vent-wings combine to produce the driest, snuggest nest box on the market.


The Screech Owl Box



Screech Owl Box The Screech Owl Nest Box is constructed of rugged, long-lasting, molded plastic, and weighs 5.5 pounds. Colored bark-brown , it features rainproof wing-vents, an access panel for viewing and cleaning, drain holes in the floor, a large rain guard over the entrance hole, an interior mesh ladder, and a unique bracket system that allows easy mounting to a tree. The rain guard and our unique, rainproof vent-wings combine to produce the driest, snuggest nest box on the market. The Screech Owl Nest Box will far outlast any wooden boxes.


The Bluebird House



Bluebird House Molded PlasticOur innovative Bluebird House is suitable for Eastern, Western, and Mountain Bluebirds. Weighing only one pound, yet ruggedly built, this plastic nest box features a 1 9/16″ entrance hole, an interior ladder, and a front access panel for cleaning. Our unique vent wings and robust rain guard keep the nest box snug and dry. A molded rear channel allows for easy mounting on a half-inch diameter pipe, and vent plugs allow for the exclusion of black flies or colder weather.

The E-Z Bluebird House Pole



Bluebird Pole for Bluebird House

A very simple pole system consisting of two 3′ half-inch galvanized pipes, and a half-inch coupler. The lower pipe is driven 18″ into the ground and couples to the upper pipe. The molded channel in the rear of the nest box accepts the pipe and tightens with provided tube strap. Takes a single worker minutes to install. Stands 48″ to 54″ off the ground.

Makes creating bluebird trails quick and easy. The smooth pipe makes it difficult for predators to access the nest box.

The Wren/Songbird House



Wren Titmouse Chickadee BoxThe Wren/Songbird House is well suited for wrens, chickadees, titmice, nuthatches, and even small woodpeckers–all of which are common in backyards around North America. Based on the Bluebird House design, this long-lasting, molded plastic nest box includes a 1.25″ entrance hole, interior ladder, and an access panel for cleaning and inspection. Weather-proof vent wings and a robust rain guard keep the box snug and dry. Enhance the wildlife in your backyard by giving these backyard birds places to nest.

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