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Galvanized Pole for Mounting Bluebird HousesCreating bluebird trails fast is made easy with this unique pole system combined with the innovative, molded-in pipe channel in the rear of our Bluebird House. The pole system consists of two 3′ long galvanized pipes 1/2″ in diameter, and a 1/2″ coupler. The lower pipe is driven 2′ into the ground; the second pipe is attached using the coupler. Then the bluebird house rear channel slides onto the pole and a tube strap (supplied) tightens the nest box to the pole. The Bluebird House will stand 4′ off the ground. Installation takes place in a matter of minutes.

We purposefully keep our prices low to encourage the installation of bluebird houses and the establishment of bluebird trails. 

Product Description

E-Z Pole System for Bluebird HouseInnovative System for Installing Bluebird Houses

  • Two 3′ half inch galvanized pipes
  • One galvanized half-inch coupling
  • Tube strap comes with the nest box that fastens nest box to pipe



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