Wooden Barn Owl Box


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The Wooden Barn Owl Box

The New Wooden Barn Owl Nest Box from the                                     Barn Owl Box Company

Our newest product, the Wooden Barn Owl Box is a departure from our rotomolded nest boxes. We have been asked for some period of time to produce a wooden box, so in keeping with customer demand we have designed this cutting-edge wooden box, sparing no amount of labor or expense to ensure that this nest box excels over other wooden boxes that are being offered. We accomplish this through adhering to the same high standards that we apply to the construction of our rotomolded boxes: heat-resistant surfaces, efficient ventilation, excellent water-proofing, and ease of maintenance. The exterior of the nest box is painted with two coats of heat reflective roofing paint and the interior with dark brown to keep it dark for the birds.

The photos below show the various innovative features of this nest box. During this time of preventative measures against coronavirus when our manufacturers are shut down, we will be able to manufacture and ship these boxes from our Pennsylvania location nationwide.



Here the clean out door is open showing the interior’s dark brown paint for moisture and pest resistance as well as keeping it dark for the birds. Also visible is the inspection window (open) in the rear covered with mesh for safety.

Note the slanted roof that repels rain and also overhangs all of the sides; the tapered gap at the top for ventilation; the 5.5″ entrance hole and landing ledge; and the 9″ x 20″ clean out door with hinges, handle, and turn buttons.

This innovative weatherproof vent allows excellent ventilation from front to rear. The cap is easily removed by squeezing the ends. Mesh on the interior keeps a barrier between you and the birds.


In addition to the above features, the Wooden Barn Owl Box incorporates two coats of a specially designed, heat-reflective paint for roofing applications that keeps the box close to ambient temperature even in full sun. The interior dark brown paint also provides moisture and pest resistance and keeps the box dark for the birds. At 24 x 19 x 19 inches the nest box provides ample space for a family of barn owls. The box weighs 26 pounds. The clean out door makes it quick and easy to clean and maintain, and the combination vent and viewing window in the rear allows for inspection of the contents of the box without the need to look through the entrance hole. Excellent ventilation is achieved through cross venting between the rear vent and the entrance hole combined with the long gaps at the top of each side.

The nest box assembles in under half an hour, requiring only an electric drill and Phillips head drill bit. Any questions regarding this new product, email us at marksbrowning@gmail.com or call 877-637-8269.

Recommended Mounting Hardware For the Wooden Barn Owl Box

Three different mounting methods for the Wooden Barn Owl Box.

Most nest boxes are mounted on either wooden 4 x 4 posts or metal poles. The three pieces of hardware pictured below make mounting easy no matter which method you choose. (1) With its base turned upward against the underside of the nest box, this 4 x 4 receptor can be bolted to the floor without any other reinforcement due to its wide structure. A 4 x 4 fits into the receptor and is screwed with bolts or large screws. These sell for around $14 at most hardware and building supply stores. (2) This bracket also receives a 4 x 4 but will require some kind of reinforcing plate also added to the underside. (3) Shows a 1″ pipe flange that screws on to a 1″ diameter galvanized or black iron pipe, also known as Schedule C plumber’s pipe. This also requires a reinforcing piece on the underside–either a piece of wood or a flat metal plate with holes screwed into its center to correspond to the holes in the pipe flange.

Tips on Placement and Installation

Barn owls are open field hunters and therefore their nest boxes should be placed near open areas such as vineyards, orchards, pastures, grasslands, wetlands, or row crops. Entrance holes may be a bit more attractive to barn owls if they face easterly (NE, SE, or E) directions. The barn owl box does not need to be erected any higher than eight feet. Always place large pieced bark mulch about three inches deep across the entire floor. Barn owls will breed in any month of the year, but can be so quiet that you will not know they are there. Keep inspections to a minimum. If you discover barn owls on eggs or with chicks, let them be until the chicks are close to fledging age (six to nine weeks). Attracting barn owls is as simple as erecting a nest box and allowing the barn owls to find the nest box with their excellent eyesight.


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 19 × 19 in


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