The Barn Owl Box Company Expands to Australia!

The molded plastic heat resistant Barn Owl Box is now being sold in Australia

After years of providing our lightweight, long lasting molded plastic nest box to thousands of vineyards, orchards, farms, property owners, and conservation biologists throughout the U.S., we are now offering our Barn Owl Box in Australia! After numerous inquiries from farmers, we will now ship quantities to our warehouse in Melbourne for distribution throughout the country. Our first container should reach there in approximately 90 days and we are offering a 15% discount for any advance orders we receive from down under. The price is normally $249 Australian dollars: the advance sale price is $210.


About the Barn Owl Nest Box

The dark inner liner provides efficient venting around all sides and easy cleaning

Our signature product, the patented Barn Owl Box, is now in use by thousands of orchards, vineyards,

row crop farms, and private land owners. This innovative nest box is contributing to highly effective natural rodent control programs while reducing the use of pesticides and aiding in barn owl conservation in numerous states. The Barn Owl Box offers a cutting edge design that includes a robust rain guard, viewing window in the rear, and removable front for easy cleaning. Its unique double-box system combined with heat reflective pigments and efficient venting keeps the box cool in full sun. It comes with a galvanized-metal mounting-bracket that attaches easily to the top of a wooden 4 x 4, 6 x 6, or to the flange on a metal pole. All hardware included. Will not rot, will not need rebuilt or painted, and will last indefinitely.

Nest Box Specifications

The Barn Owl Box measures 66 cm deep x 46 cm wide x 46 cm high. Made up of a heat-reflective white outer box, a dark brown removable inner box,

Barn owls have been shown to significantly reduce rodent numbers in agriculture

and a front held in place by six nylon thumb nuts. The box weighs 11 kg, however it is installed one piece at a time so that one person can easily install the box in under an hour.  The inner liner makes for quick and easy replacement of mulch each year, the only maintenance ever necessary.

Ordering in Advance in Australia

We will have inventory in our Melbourne warehouse within approximately 90 days. Anyone placing an order in advance of our first shipment arrival will receive a substantial 20% discount (down from $249 to $200 Australian dollars.) All you need to do is inform us of what you want to purchase by emailing us at and your discount will be ensured. We will not require payment until we are about to ship to you from our warehouse in Melbourne and you can cancel your order at any time.


A List of Some of Our Clients

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