The Barn Owl Nest Box – Pole Model

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The Barn Owl Nest Box – Pole Model offers a cutting edge design that includes a robust rain guard, viewing window in the rear, and removable front for easy cleaning. Its unique double-box system combined with heat reflective pigments and efficient venting keeps the box cool in full sun. It comes with a galvanized-metal mounting-bracket that attaches easily to the top of a wooden 4 x 4, 6 x 6, or to the flange on a metal pole. (We offer our own easy to install Pole Kit separately.) All hardware included. Will not rot, will not need rebuilt, and will last indefinitely. Click on the tabs below for further information about biology, range, installation, and nest box specifications.


Why Barn Owls Are Ideal for Effective, Natural Rodent Control

Now in use on farms and private properties throughout the United States, oil palm plantations in Malaysia, rice fields in S.E. Asia, and hay and vegetable farms in Israel, barn owls lend themselves to effective rodent control through a number of unique adaptations:

  • Barn owls are cavity nesters, so can easily be attracted to nest boxes.
  • Barn owls live comfortably around human activity such as busy farmyards and agricultural fields
  • Barn owls are not territorial, allowing farmers to establish dense colonies.
  • Barn owls raise large numbers of young for a raptor—up to 13 young have been recorded in one nest, although 4 to 7 is more common
  • Barn owls respond to higher rodent numbers by producing more young.
  • A single family of barn owls can consume over 1000 pocket gophers per year, or 3000 mice or voles.
  • Barn owls are extremely faithful to their nest sites, returning year after year.
  • Once established, barn owls need very little maintenance.
  • Utilizing barn owls for rodent control is very economical when compared to the costs of poisons and other methods.

Customer Reviews

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My Vineyard Rodent Control Team

I have several generations of Barn Owls living in these boxes on my vineyards in California. The owls work hard to control rodents in the vineyards and protect our yield. Best employees ever and they work for free! I am adding another box this season. Thank you for a great product.

willowhedge farm
love barn owls

my property near wellington florida attracts barn owls. couldnt be more thrilled. i have a box i purchased from you, and a box my neighbor built for me. the owls have even nested on the hayloft floor! and guess what? i dont need any other rodent control measures. just the owls and a jack russell

Great Product!

Yesterday I found two barn Owls living in the box. I mounted the box on a pole in my backyard about 15 feet in the air. They seem happy with this arrangement. Good product.