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Imagine how excited Barn Owls were when humans invented barns. Introducing The Barn Owl Nest Box – Barn Model: A Perfect Fit for Modern Metal or Wooden Barns

Upgrade your farm’s ecosystem with The Barn Owl Nest Box – Barn Model, designed to accommodate Barn Owls in both metal and wooden barns. As traditional wooden barns are being replaced, our innovative solution ensures that these majestic birds still find a secure nesting site.

Easy to install and low-maintenance, this lightweight nest box seamlessly integrates into the side of your barn. Whether it’s a modern metal structure or a classic wooden barn, our Barn Model provides a safe haven, safeguarding both the owls and your barn’s interior from unwanted pests.

Embrace nature’s rodent control specialists with The Barn Owl Nest Box – Barn Model. These expert hunters will effortlessly maintain a rodent-free environment on your property. Crafted for durability, this nest box offers a long-lasting solution, supporting the Barn Owls’ needs and promoting a harmonious balance on your farm. Upgrade today and witness the remarkable impact of these incredible birds as your natural allies in pest management.

Order now to experience the benefits of natural rodent control and maintain a thriving barn environment.

Why Barn Owls Are Ideal for Effective, Natural Rodent Control

Now in use on farms and private properties throughout the United States, oil palm plantations in Malaysia, rice fields in S.E. Asia, and hay and vegetable farms in Israel, barn owls lend themselves to effective rodent control through a number of unique adaptations:

  • Barn owls are cavity nesters, so can easily be attracted to nest boxes.
  • Barn owls live comfortably around human activity such as busy farmyards and agricultural fields
  • Barn owls are not territorial, allowing farmers to establish dense colonies.
  • Barn owls raise large numbers of young for a raptor—up to 13 young have been recorded in one nest, although 4 to 7 is more common
  • Barn owls respond to higher rodent numbers by producing more young.
  • A single family of barn owls can consume over 1000 pocket gophers per year, or 3000 mice or voles.
  • Barn owls are extremely faithful to their nest sites, returning year after year.
  • Once established, barn owls need very little maintenance.
  • Utilizing barn owls for rodent control is very economical when compared to the costs of poisons and other methods.

Where to Install Barn Owl Boxes

Barn owls are open field hunters. Anywhere there are agricultural fields, vineyards, orchards, row crops, grasslands, pastures, scrub, hay, and meadows. The ideal install for the Barn Model is on a side of the barn facing an open area.

Barn Model Install

  • A 17.5″ square is cut into the barn wall, the box slides in and is fastened on the outside.
  • An expanding foam gasket seals any gaps to keep weather and pest species out.
  • The front is attached with six nylon thumb screws. (These are easily removed later for cleaning)
  • A wide steel bracket supports it on the interior of the barn. 17 x 17 x 26.
Habitat: Open areas, pastures, meadows, grasslands, row crops, hay, orchards, vineyards, wetlands


  • Rugged construction of molded plastic
  • 17.5 W x 17.5 H x 27 D
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Slides into square cut in barn wall
  • Weatherproof gasket included
  • Drain holes in floor
  • All hardware for mounting to metal or wooden barn
  • Right angle mounting bracket for inside barn
  • Front easily removed for cleaning and maintenance
  • Includes rain guard, perch, and rear viewing window

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Milt Gutman
Perfect nest box for our barn

We have a metal sided barn and the Barn Owl Nest Box was the ideal solution for our farm. It was easy to install, although I would recommend reading the directions through a couple of times before you get started. The box is well constructed and there is no reason it won't last for years. Now all I need are the owls! We have an organic produce operation and have had a growing problem with mice, moles and voles in our field. I'm looking forward to having a natural way to reduce their population. Customer support is outstanding as well. I will be buying some for field installation later this year.

Mary’s Barn

The nest box is great , I’m 80 yrs lookingyoung and am having a problem finding some one to put it up am still looking!

Jay Leslie
Easy Transaction Nice Product

Easy purchase, fast shipper, installation was easy. Yet to see if we will get an owl.

Steven Rosenberg
Great customer service

They have some of the best customer service I have ever delt with.

Suzanne Duffy
Love it!

There are very few barn owls in my area but I am excited about setting this beautifully made house out to welcome any new pair looking for a space.

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