Client Testimonials

“Got our barn owl box up on Feb 8th and three days ago noticed whitewash, blood smears on the entrance, pellets under the nearest tree branch  and the clincher, a single barn owl feather.  Staked it out in full camo last night and not one but two owls emerged right at dark. I have to say I am elated and amazed they found it this quickly. Feb 8th to March 18th….pretty good. My husband is shaking his head…he thought it was money wasted on a box that would never get used, but now he has to say those dreaded words…”Honey you were right!”Wendy Tennyson, Bell Rive, Illinois

“I have 4 of your barn owl boxes from a previous order in our organic blueberry field and the boxes have 100% occupancy!”John Glick, Delta Blueberries, Stockton, CA.

“I purchased four bluebird houses from you in early spring. After an easy setup on my property, I had renters within two weeks–three out of four nest boxes were occupied with bluebirds throughout the summer, producing multiple clutches. I highly recommend this bluebird house!”  — Tom Sedenka, Lisbon, Iowa

Barn-Model-with-Owl“I wanted to let you know that we have had your barn owl box up for three months and now have two babies in it, they are doing fine and flying around at night eating with mom and making noises. We are enjoying them very much.”
Sandi R., Horse breeder, Sacramento, California

“The Barn Model was easy to install in our metal barn, and within four weeks we had a pair of owls. Within the first day, there were two dead mice in the box as well! It’s been fun to check on it each day and watch the whole process. In fact, many of our family and friends are engaged with this endeavor, and ask for regular owl updates. We highly recommend this product!”
Debbie S., Property owner, Manhattan, Kansas

“I bought ten Barn Owl Boxes last summer. By spring of this year I had barn owls everywhere. Every one of those boxes had baby barn owls in them.” Allen M., Vineyard and orchard owner, Calusa, CA

“This mansion for my barnies is great. And you guys were so gracious to spend time on the phone with me when I bought it, and when I installed it. Thank you so much for putting service into customer service.” Barbara Emson. Escondido, CA

We just received our owl boxes…I haven’t taken it out of the box yet but what I’ve seen so far it’s better than I imagined. Thanks so much! They were worth waiting for :)” – T. Brennan, Valley Center, CA

“Received the wren house this past Friday and it is great. It is solid and well built. The house should outlast me. Thanks for a good product.” Mike Trentham, Clinton, Tennessee.

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