Using Barn Owls for Integrated Pest Management

American Palm Oil Council and Barn Owls

Sugar Growers Find Barn Owls Protect Their Crops

Using Barn Owls for Rodent Control in Vineyards

The Use of Barn Owls in Malaysian Rice Fields (pp. 7-9)

Israel Ministry of the Environment’s Integrated Pest Management Program

California’s Central Valley Use of Barn Owls in Integrated Pest Management

Links to Articles on Pittsburgh Zoo’s Barn Owl Project

Satellites Will Keep An Eye On Barn Owls

Four Owls Released Over Pittsburgh

Links to other Barn Owl Sites

The Owl Pages (One of the biggest sites on owls)

Barn Owl Headquarters

Barn Owl Trust (with voice recordings and videos)

Piedmont Barn Owl Initiative (Audubon Society project designed to bolster North Carolina populations)


Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (An international organization with a savvy approach to linking business and conservation)

For excellent photos of various species of owls visit

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