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Galvanized Pole for Mounting and Installing Barn Owl Nest BoxesField tested for two years, this is the simplest, easiest pole design for erecting a barn owl box. Consists of a four-foot 1.25” diameter base iron pipe, two four-foot 1” diameter pipes, a 1” coupling, pipe glue, and a 1 ” floor flange for attaching the nest box. Comes in galvanized schedule 40 pipe. In areas with adequate soil or clay, requires no hole digging, cement, or trips to the store. All pipe is pre-cut and threaded. Can be installed in fifteen minutes by a single worker.  Box will stand eight feet off the ground. Comes in a 4″ x 4″ x 48″ box.

For detailed installation directions, see below.


Product Description

We have settled on a cost efficient, low labor method of installing our nest boxes on galvanized iron poles. The design we offer is competitive with what it would cost to go to a building supply store and have them cut the proper pieces to size. An advantage to such a design is that the nest boxes can be moved from one location to the next, and are very easy to install in the first place.

Keep in mind that barn owls are quite happy nesting at 8′ off the ground. In field tests conducted on a vineyard near Sacramento, 25 nest boxes achieved 80% occupancy in a two year period utilizing this pole system.

Directions for Assembling and Installing the E-Z Nest Box Pole

  • Tools necessary: a pipe driver (or sledge hammer–when using the sledge hammer, protect the pipe with a 2 x 4 when hammering), a pipe wrench or pliers
  • Step One: Using a piece of wood to protect the pipe from damage, drive the 1.25″ (wider diameter) pipe approximately 24 inches into the ground, keeping it as plumb as possible by eye or plumb bob
  • Step Two: squeeze pipe glue onto the threads on the ends of the two pipes
  • Step Three: connect the two 1″ diameter pipes using the coupler. Tighten as much as possible using hands and/or pipe wrench
  • Step Four: squeeze glue onto the inner threads of the pipe flange
  • Step Five: tighten the flange onto the threads of the top pipe
  • Step Six: attach the flat steel mounting bracket to the flange
  • Step Seven: drop the pipe inside the base pipe
  • Step Eight: insert set screw and tighten, making sure that the box will face desired direction.

Additional Information

Weight 25 lbs


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