The Bluebird House Pole

In an effort to encourage the establishment of barn owls and bluebirds, the Barn Owl Box Company makes available pole systems of galvanized iron pipe at close to wholesale prices. These pole systems are designed to take out the expense, work, and time involved in digging holes, pouring concrete, etc.

Price $19.50

The Bluebird House Pole System

Bluebird Pole1Creating bluebird trails fast is made easy with this unique pole system combined with the innovative, molded-in pipe channel in the rear of our Bluebird House. The pole system consists of two 3′ long galvanized pipes 1/2″ in diameter, and a 1/2″ coupler. The lower pipe is driven 2′ into the ground; the second pipe is attached using the coupler. Then the bluebird house rear channel slides onto the pole and a tube strap (supplied) tightens the nest box to the pole. The Bluebird House will stand 4′ off the ground.

Note: when driving base pipe into ground, use a pipe driver or sledge hammer with a piece 2 x 4 over the pipe end to protect it.

Price: $19.50


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