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The Screech Owl Nest Box

Red phase screech owl in residence


With its 3″ diameter entrance hole, interior ladder, access panel, rainproof vent wings, excellent ventilation, and robust rain guard, the molded plastic Screech Owl Nest Box is the longest-lasting, most innovative nest box for screech owls on the market. A steel mounting bracket system makes it easier than ever to install to a tree. It comes with all the necessary hardware. Weighing only 5.5 pounds, the nest box is easy to carry up a ladder and position for installation.

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Screech owls are cavity nesters–so much so that the lack or abundance of nesting cavities in trees and nest boxes is often the limiting factor to their populations. Screech owl nest boxes have been shown to increase numbers of these little owls.

No sound of evening is as melodious as the soft, subdued song of the screech owl. Far from a screech, the sounds that emanate from the song box of this small owl are the gentlest, sweetest music of the owl world. It would seem that the misnomer must have originated when an observer heard the ungodly scream of a barn owl while looking at a “screech owl.” No matter how it occurred, no more inaccurate name of a bird exists in the literature.

The screech owl, represented by the eastern and western races, with a range throughout the United States, is not only a common resident of woodlands, but also commonly makes its home in urban and suburban backyards and gardens. Here it is easily attracted to suitable nest boxes where it will raise as many as six young. The screech owl preys on mice, voles, and large insects such as moths and beetles. It has even been known to take crayfish.

Where to Install Screech Owl Nest Boxes

Screech owl nest boxes should be erected approximately 10 feet off the ground on medium to large sized tree trunks, beneath the shade of foliage. Direction for screech owl nest boxes does not matter. Screech owls are known to prefer the park-like surroundings of most suburban homes and do not mind the comings and goings of human inhabitants. The best habitat is similar to many yards and gardens where a variety of shrubs and trees grow with open space between.

screech-owlEastern screech owls come in two color phases; a gray phase and a red phase, pictured to the left. Both color phases can occur in the same brood of chicks.

Observing screech owls is easy, either by calling them down with a taped screech owl call, or by watching their nest box entrance at dusk where screech owls tend to sit for half an hour or more before emerging to hunt.





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