You will see a lot of references to heights of 10, 12 or even greater heights. The truth is that barn owls will nest at 8’ quite comfortably. Our studies showed that boxes at this height had high rates of occupancy. Eight feet reduces the cost and labor involved yet satisfies the needs of the barn owls to feel protected. 

Yes we do! Any orders large enough to warrant being put on a pallet can receive substantial discounts depending on how many units are ordered. We can fit from 10 to 22 Barn Owl Nest Boxes on a single pallet and discounts can range from $15 to $25 per unit. Moreover, the single unit shipping price drops from $35 to around $10 depending on your location. Best thing to do is write us at and place the words “Quantity Discount” in the subject line. You also can call 1-800-NESTBOX. We offer similar discounting on our Barn Owl Box Pole Kits. 

Occasionally, wasps may nest in the space between the inner liner and the outer box. They tend not to harm the birds, and also are usually fairly non-aggressive. Since your interactions in the box should be kept to a minimum during breeding season, the best thing to do is just let them be until the birds have fledged. Honeybees (especially Africanized bees) present quite a danger to humans and the birds, however, we do not have a single instance of honey bees taking over one of our plastic nest boxes—perhaps because the plastic surface does not allow them to begin building their nest. Nonetheless, any sign of honeybees near or in a nest should result in exercising great caution and the proper county authorities should be called in. 

Occasionally, starlings, kestrels, doves, and screech owls may begin roosting or nesting inside a barn owl box. But when the barn owl arrives in search of a home, it quickly evicts the other birds.

Again, since barn owls are nocturnal and songbirds and chickens roost at night, there is little chance of predation on either. Besides, barn owls are dedicated rodent hunters, and chickens are way too large for them as prey. 

Since barn owls are nocturnal and ground squirrels and chipmunks are out during the day, few of these animals are taken. Hawks are a better suppressor of diurnal rodents. 

Barn owls are almost exclusively hunters of nocturnal rodents and other small mammals. Their most common prey includes pocket gophers, voles (also known as meadow mice), cotton rats, marsh rice rats, white footed, deer, and house mice, and Norwegian and roof rats (also known as black rats.) 

On the shipping carton your product arrives in will be a manufacturer or warehouse address. That would be the return address. Just send us an email prior to shipping anything back so we can make sure of the location to send it to. Email us for returns at

Any products that arrive damaged or with any kind of functional defect are returned by our company to the manufacturer free of shipping cost and with a full refund. We do encourage our customers to avail themselves of the product information on our website to determine the applicability of our nest boxes in their area. However, we will also accept returns of products for any reason other than defects but in these cases ask the customer to pay the shipping. 

All of our products are guaranteed against any structural or functional failures for one year after purchase. 

Although we have had numerous boxes occupied within a day to a few days after installation, we have also seen boxes take a season or two to become occupied. This of course depends on the area you are in. Generally, in areas where barn owls are common, occupation rates of 60 to 90% can occur within the first year or two. 

The answer is that barn owls are highly capable of finding potential nesting sites—they are on the lookout much of the year. The dark entrance hole is enough to grab their interest and so all you need to do is make sure the entrance hole is visible from nearby open areas where barn owls will pass through. Placing mulch in the box can be beneficial too—barn owls like to have a softer substrate than the hard floor of a nest box. Other than that, essentially it is “build it and they will come.”