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Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes we do! Any orders large enough to warrant being put on a pallet can receive substantial discounts depending on how many units are ordered. We can fit from 10 to 22 Barn Owl Nest Boxes on a single pallet…

Will barn owls eat my songbirds or chickens?

Again, since barn owls are nocturnal and songbirds and chickens roost at night, there is little chance of predation on either. Besides, barn owls are dedicated rodent hunters, and chickens are way too large for them as prey. 

What types of pests do barn owls eat?

Barn owls are almost exclusively hunters of nocturnal rodents and other small mammals. Their most common prey includes pocket gophers, voles (also known as meadow mice), cotton rats, marsh rice rats, white footed, deer, and house mice, and Norwegian and…

What is your return policy?

Any products that arrive damaged or with any kind of functional defect are returned by our company to the manufacturer free of shipping cost and with a full refund. We do encourage our customers to avail themselves of the product…

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