See a barn owl male delivering prey to chicks

Male barn owl delivers prey to young in nest box. On our research vineyard in California, for the first time we video taped every delivery to three chicks over the 9 week developmental period and recorded the number of prey consumed. This delivery, like most others, was made quickly, the hunting male handing off the […]

Barn Owl Nest Box Christmas Season Discount

Christmas Sale on Barn Owl Nest Boxes Save $40 off of our regular price. No limits on purchases.   Take advantage of our deep Xmas discounts for our premier product, the Barn Owl Nest Box Pole Model. This plastic molded nest box is lightweight, long lasting, heat resistant and is by the far the best […]

Barn Owls of Guatemala

The Guatemalan Barn Owl The Guatemalan Barn Owl (scientific name Tyto furcata guatemalae) not only lives throughout Guatemala but ranges from Guatemala through Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama. It looks very similar to the North American Barn Owl (Tyto furcata pratincola) but does have more spotting on chest and belly. In keeping with […]

Costa Rican Barn Owls

Our own North American barn owl, Tyto furcata pratincola, is part of the entire Tyto furcata group known as American Barn owls that range from southern Canada all the way to Argentina. The subspecies in Costa Rica is Tyto furcata guatemalae which ranges from Guatemala down through northern Columbia. The race is somewhat darker and […]

The Wooden Barn Owl Box

Welcome to our new product, The Wooden Barn Owl Box, which supplements our line of rotomolded polyethylene products. Our customers have often inquired about a wooden alternative to our popular plastic nest box. Not only is this nest box economical, we have spared no expense in its production. The nest box is double coated on […]

The Wooden Barn Owl Box

Announcing the launch of our new product: The Wooden Barn Owl Box.  Our newest product, the Wooden    Barn Owl Box is a departure from  our rotomolded nest boxes. We      have been asked for some period of  time to produce a wooden box, so in keeping with customer demand we have designed this […]

Wyoming Barn Owls

Barn Owls in Wyoming Wyoming is one of those states where there is simply not enough information to build an accurate picture of barn owl populations. The Wyoming Breeding Bird Atlas shows most observations of barn owls and confirmed nest sites in the eastern third of the state, however, the southwest corner also has its […]

Nebraska Barn Owls

Barn Owls in Nebraska State biologists report that barn owls are doing well overall in the state, with good populations in the southern panhandle where escarpments and cliffs provide numerous nesting sites, in the North Platte Valley, and in the southwestern and south central portions where many grasslands are still intact. The eastern half of […]

Pennsylvania Barn Owls

Barn Owls in Pennsylvania From shortly after the clearing of the forests by the first pioneers till the 1960’s, barn owls were common in the myriad small farms that dotted the countryside from east to west. Barns, sheds, abandoned buildings, and large dead trees provided nesting sites; and hedge rows, fallow fields, pasture, hay, and […]

Oklahoma Barn Owls

Barn Owls in Oklahoma Barn owls were once very common in much of Oklahoma which harbored huge areas of natural grasslands. They are still particularly abundant in the panhandle of the northwest dominated by short grass prairie, and the southwest with its mix of mesquite grassland and mixed-grass plains. The northeast, west-central, and southern regions […]