Barn Owl Boxes for Sale at Discount Prices


The Barn Owl Box Company provides substantial discounts on our cutting-edge nest boxes for quantity purchases. Our molded plastic nest boxes for barn owls were designed by a leading owl researcher. They are lightweight, long-lasting, very simple to install and maintain, and remain cool in full sun.

The Barn Owl Box Company Pole Model

The Post Model, our most popular model, features a landing ledge and perch, a rain guard over the entrance hole, an acrylic viewing window in the rear, and comes with all of the hardware for mounting to a metal or wooden pole or post.

The Post Model actually consists of two boxes: a dark liner slides into the white outer box to keep the box dark for the owls. An airspace between the two helps keep the box cool in full sun. This nest box will far outlast wooden nest boxes.

Quantity Discounts for Farmers

Nest boxes surrounding Vino Farms
Researchers recommend one barn owl box for every ten to twenty acres

As a promoter of using barn owls for natural rodent control programs, we lower the prices for farmers who need to erect multiple boxes to achieve control over populations of rodent pests. Numerous research projects have shown that a density of one box for every ten to twenty acres is optimum for integrated pest management programs.  Many vineyards and orchards have achieved this level of barn owl density to reduce populations of voles and pocket gophers.

We initially designed the Barn Owl Box so that units slid into one another, allowing up to 20 nest boxes to fit on a single pallet. This lowers our freight costs and allows us to discount our barn owl boxes considerably for large purchases.

Growers of grapes, citrus, cherries, blueberries, almonds, walnuts, sugar cane, and row crops have all benefited from our quantity discounts. The following price breaks are available:

Discount Sale Prices

Barn Owl Box Pole Model:  Retail Price: $195; 8 to 10 Unit Discount: $180; 11 to 20 Unit Discount: $175.

Savings on a full pallet of Barn Owl Boxes is $400.00. For purchases of more than one pallet, even greater discounts are available.

To inquire about our barn owl box discounts call the Barn Owl Box Company on our toll-free number at 1-877-NESTBOX (1-877-637-8269).

Read more about our Post Model Barn Owl Box.


  1. Hi there,
    We have 20 acres, 10 of which we are planting a vineyard on. We have a massive population of gophers and voles. Our two cats kill about 6-8 a day just around our barn. We also have a barn owl that lives in one of our trees near our house that leaves plenty of pellets around so she is doing a fine job. She has been in the same tree for 3 years and doesn’t seem to mind that we walk right under her several times a day going down to our barn. She’s beautiful !!
    We’d like to erect a few owl boxes on the lower part of the ranch in the vineyard. How many do you think we should buy?
    I’m thinking two, according to what I’ve read.
    Please advise,
    Lou Heine

    • Hi Lou,

      Thanks for your inquiry. I would suggest two or three nest boxes depending on what the rodent population is on land adjacent to your property. If there are a lot of rodents there, then a third family would certainly help in lowering numbers in the buffer zones or as young rodents immigrated into your property from surrounding areas. But two barn owl families on ten acres of vineyard would take a lot rodents.

      Mark Browning
      Barn Owl Box Company

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