Bluebird Facts


  • Bluebirds begin breeding in early to late March in most areas.
  • Breeding begins with males staking out potential nest sites and advertising them to prospective females with display flights and calls.
  • Once the female chooses a site, she alone will build the nest and brood the eggs.
  • Nests are built with grass, hay, and pine needles with an inner liner of softer grass, hair, and feathers. Construction takes about 10 days.
  • Four to six powder blue eggs form each clutch.
  • The male provides the family with beetles, grasshoppers, crickets, and other insects as well as various berries throughout the nesting period.
  • Bluebird young leave the nest fully grown at 15 days and begin feeding on their own. A year later they are ready to raise young of their own.
  • Bluebirds can raise as many as four families a season, breeding into late summer.
  • Northern populations migrate in the winter; southern birds remain sedentary.

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