Screech Owl Facts

Red phase screech owl in residence in our nest box design
  • The screech owl does not really screech. Its main calls are a soft tremolo and a whinny. The western screech owl call sounds like a bouncing ball.
  • Screech owls are easily attracted to nest boxes.
  • Screech owls eat mainly rodents.
  • Eastern and Western Screech Owl ranges combine to cover most of the U.S.
  • Preferred screech owl habitat is broken woods, gardens, and backyards.
  • Screech owls can easily be called down for observation by imitating screech owl calls or playing recordings of screech owls.
  • Screech owls are common in suburban settings, even within heavily populated areas.
  • Eastern screech owls can be red or gray, even in the same brood.
  • Western screech owls come in brown and gray phases.
  • The rotomolded Screech Owl Nest Box made by the Barn Owl Box Company will far outlast wooden nest boxes.
  • The lack of suitable nesting sites is often the greatest limiting factor for screech owl populations.
  • Screech owls prefer nest boxes over natural cavities, mainly because most natural cavities are more cramped than manmade boxes.
  • Neither Eastern or Western screech owls migrate, remaining permanent residents.

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