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The Barn Owl Box Company Booth at the World Ag Expo 2018

Discount prices for the molded plastic Barn Owl                  Box at the World Ag Expo

The Barn Owl Box Company will have a booth (Booth 1327, Pavilion A & B) at the World Ag Expo, being held February 13 – 15, 2018 in Tulare, California. The expo is the largest agricultural exposition held annually in the country, attracting nearly 200,00 visitors, many of whom are in the agricultural industry. Professionals involved in the vineyards, orchards, hay fields, row crops, and cattle industry from all over the United States will attend. This will be the company’s third time hosting at the expo where interest in our products is always very high.

World Ag Expo Special Discounts

Nest boxes ordered at the expo will be priced at World Ag Expo discounts. Nest boxes normally priced at $189 will be on sale for $169; orders of 10 or more will be priced at $149 each.

Free Consultations Regarding Using Barn Owls for Rodent Control

Barn Owl Box Company representatives, including Mark Browning, field researcher and designer of the nest boxes, will be present to answer

questions regarding attracting barn owls and their effectiveness in reducing rodent numbers in various types of agriculture.  Information specific to the needs of individual farms and vineyards will be available, including advice on nest box density, integrated pest management approaches, and installation location preferences.

Barn Owl Box Company Distributors Sought

California is hands down the most cutting edge state in terms of using barn owls for rodent control. Our distributors, mainly farm and irrigation supply stores, do extremely well with our products and we seek to expand our distributors in the state. Interested parties should stop by our booth or call 412-874-9403 to set up a meeting ahead of time.

World Ag Expo General Info

Held February 13-15, 2018. Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.. Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.. General Admission $15 at the gate. Children 6 and under, free. Location International Agri-Center 4500 South Laspina Street Tulare, California.

Pest Control Company In San Luis Obispo County offers Molded Plastic Nest Boxes for Barn Owls

kaboom_logokaboom_logoKABOOM! Instant Rodent Control, a fully licensed, registered and insured pest management company specializing in subterranean rodent eradication is now a distributor of the cutting edge, molded plastic nest boxes for barn owls made by The Barn Owl Box Company. In business since 2009, KABOOM! was developed with the sole purpose of eliminating underground rodents. Now, in addition to offering the P.E.R.C. (Pressurized Exhaust Rodent Controller), which uses carbon monoxide to kill rodents in their burrows, the company also sells the innovative Barn Owl Box which has been proven to attract barn owls quickly and in high numbers in a three year study.

The Pole Model

“The Barn Owl Box fits well into the scope of our business,” says Sheryl Cove who, with her husband Cory, owns and runs Kaboom. “A very important aspect of our business is that we deliver the nest boxes in our area and also install the next boxes utilizing our knowledge of barn owl nesting preferences. Installation often helps property owners make the decision to attract barn owls since many do not want to fuss with ladders, etc.”

“We support a clean environment along with farmers, ranchers and vineyard owners who want to protect their land from subterranean pest control problems and the damage caused by burrowing rodents. As requirements for rodent control are made more restrictive regarding the use of pesticides in public settings, we are here to offer the control needed to exterminate rodents while keeping children, families, pets and the environment safe. We don’t use any pesticides, poisons or toxins and with our process there are no Pesticide Use Reports to file. Barn Owls are a perfect addition to our line of products.”

“And we are proud to be a California Certified Small Business. Our client list includes government entities such as National Guard posts, schools districts, state and city parks as well as vineyards, cattle ranches, farms and neighborhoods. ”

Farmers Save Money Using the Plastic Barn Owl Box

The Barn Owl Box, designed by Mark Browning, owner of the Barn Owl Box Company, is a lightweight, long-lasting alternative to wooden boxes. “Farmers can save good money over time by utilizing our plastic design since the Barn Owl Box far outlasts wooden ones,” he says. “In addition, the nest boxes are very easy to install and have an excellent track record for attracting barn owls quickly and in high numbers. They are now in use by hundreds of vineyards and orchards as well as The Army Corps of Engineers and the Audubon Society.” The Barn Owl Box has been featured in an eight minute segment on PBS’s American Heartland and in AgAlert Magazine.

San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles Area Excellent Area for Utilizing Barn Owls

Not only does the central coast of California contain high populations of barn owls, the rich agriculture of the region has long utilized barn owls for natural rodent control. Both vineyards and orchards benefit by installing numbers of boxes to encourage the owls to nest. Barn owls are voracious rodent eaters, consuming high numbers while having large numbers of young, all of which contributes to an ability to keep rodent numbers in check.

Kaboom Maintains Inventory of Barn Owl Boxes

Kaboom! Instant Rodent Control is a licensed, registered and insured underground pest control service located on the California Central Coast in Paso Robles, California.

Pocket gopher mounds

Pocket gopher mounds

While serving Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, Kaboom provides a variety of environmentally safe, alternative pest control maintenance plans to eliminate your subterranean rodent problems for residential or commercial businesses.

Sheryl and Cory maintain an inventory of barn owl boxes and are happy to help farmers and property owners design effective nest box programs that can reduce or even eliminate the need for poisons or trapping. Their inventory allows folks to purchase the owl boxes locally while availing themselves, if needed, of Kaboom’s installation services.

If you are interested in barn owl nest boxes and you live in their region, Cory and Sheryl encourage you to contact them for more information on barn owls, and using barn owls for natural rodent control.


Cory R. Cave

QAL #121261

Underground Pest Management

Fully Insured, Eco-friendly & No Poisons


P.O. Box 1855

Paso Robles, CA 93447

Nature’s Remedy: Barn Owl Box Company Distributor in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara Counties

Offers Installation and Maintenance of Barn Owl Boxes

Glenn Prichard, owner of Nature’s Remedy, is a distributor of Barn Owl Box Company nest boxes in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Monterey Counties in California. His company is dedicated to educating farmers about the benefits of using barn owls for environmentally safe rodent control through the use of nest box programs. In addition to offering our high quality owl boxes for sale, Glenn also provides installation and annual maintenance services for his nest boxes, giving farmers and property owners the peace of mind in knowing that an experienced professional will install the boxes for optimum results and maintain them properly.

Glenn, who has been installing and maintaining nest boxes for several years, observes that California landowners are generally very concerned for the environment and wildlife natural habitats. He adds, “Fortunately people in this area show good stewardship over their land. My goal is to increase the number of barn owls on the Central Coast.  By luring barn owls to nest boxes on their land, property owners are able to keep gophers, rats, field mice, voles and more from destroying precious crops.”

Barn Owl Box Installation Recommendations

For optimum results, Glenn recommends installing boxes every 10 to 15 acres; he supplements his nest box programs by installing tall perches in the middle of rodent colonies to enable other raptors such as red tailed hawks to hunt the vineyards and orchards.

Poor man's billboardOnce a distributor of wooden boxes, Prichard switched over to the Barn Owl Box Company plastic design due to its lightweight, durability, and ease of installation and maintenance.

Along with installing the boxes and perches, Prichard educates property owners about the dangers of using poisons and rodenticides that can kill domestic animals and other wildlife while attempting to eradicate the destructive pests.

Interest in Barn Owl Boxes Increasing in Central Coast Counties

Prichard describes his work as “fulfilling and exciting” as he travels throughout Central Truck and Oso Libre installCalifornia; working with down-to-earth practical people that also care about the environment and wildlife conservation. He adds, “I’ve had a love for animals all my life. I rescue for Pacific Wildlife Care and I see the effect of poison and encroaching development on red-tailed hawks, great horned owls and other animals. The success of my work through Nature’s Remedy has led to inquiries by cities to establish barn owl nesting box programs in their communities.”

Anyone living in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, or Santa Barbara Counties interested in having nest boxes installed can contact Glenn and Nature’s Remedy:

Visit , call Glenn Prichard at 805-712-8609, or email

Nature’s Remedy is a locally owned and operated business that services San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey counties. Professional affiliations include the Independent Grape Growers of the Paso Robles Area, Central Coast Vineyard Team, Central Coast Olive Growers, Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance, Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce and the Templeton Chamber of Commerce.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Teams with the Vineyard Team to Provide Owl Nest Boxes to Vintners


Barn owls eat large numbers of rodent pests

Vintners in the Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, and Monterey wine making regions have been using barn owls for rodent control for decades. Take a drive anywhere around wine country and you will see numerous boxes installed on poles and posts for attracting these large, voracious rodent predators. Over time, some of these boxes were inadvertently installed in the vicinity of power lines since so many vineyards border roads and rights of way.

This has caused problems for both barn owls and the utility company. When located too near the lines, chances are greater that barn owl mortalities can occur from the high voltage. Owls have even been known to attempt to nest inside transformers. In both cases, expensive and time consuming power outages can result.

In a joint effort that benefits the growers, the owls, and the utility company, PG&E and the Vineyard Team of the central coast of California have been collaborating for the past three years in efforts to relocate nest boxes a safer distance from these hazards. The Owl Safety Program provides nest boxes free of charge to members of the Vineyard Team and provides growers with practical information from owl researchers on where to locate nest boxes, and proven methods for attracting and maintaining barn owls.

“We’re trying to educate customers and get the word out that utility poles are not the appropriate place to install nest boxes.” said Mike Best, PG&E’s Avian Protection Plan Program Manager. This year, a $10,000 charitable grant from Pacific Gas and Electric Company will help grape growers in the Central Coast maintain sustainable pest control and also keep birds safe around power lines.

Adult barn owl emerging from nest box

Molded plastic barn owl box

The Barn Owl Box Company will be supplying its specially designed, molded plastic barn owl boxes to the project this year. Barn owls, at 12 to 14 inches high, need large cavities to nest in. Since these can be scarce, owls bent on raising young have been known to nest in feed hoppers, deer blinds, old barrels left on the ground, crevices in lava beds, holes in riverbanks, dead palm fronds, cisterns, and even a hundred feet deep in abandoned mines. Some of these locations may not result in successful nesting, so the installation of nest boxes is an excellent conservation move and provides an efficient rodent control method for vintners.

Mark Browning, founder of the Barn Owl Box Company and long-time barn owl researcher, will address the Vineyard Team members at Scheid Vineyards in Greenfield, California on February 18th. His presentation will detail his research on how barn owls can significantly reduce rodent populations on vineyards.

The Owl Safety Program is now in its third year. Anne Jackson, Senior Environmental Program Manager with PG&E’s Environmental Policy Department, says that the program has been so successful that they are looking to expand its reach to benefit more customers.

“It’s a great opportunity to educate growers about the use and proper placement of owl boxes as a sustainable farming practice. The program is receiving a lot of positive feedback and growers from all over are contacting us with interest in expanding it to their community,” said Anne Jackson.

“This program is a great example of how our community partnerships and investments can help address the needs of our customers while also supporting our business objectives.” added Diane Ross-Leech, Environmental Policy Director for PG&E. For more information, visit PG&E’s habitat conservation and land stewardship programs page.


Vineyards Harbor Diverse Widllife

“This kind of enlightened collaboration shows what can be done when business and non-profit organizations work together toward common goals,” said Browning. “I am delighted that establishing strong and healthy populations of barn owls is being given such emphasis. Using barn owls instead of poisons is a win-win situation for the growers, the owls, and all of the indigenous wildlife that lives on the vineyards.”

The Vineyard Team is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable Vineyard Team logo _2013-01viticulture practices on the Central Coast of California since 1994. Visit the Vineyard Team Website.