South Carolina Barn Owls

Barn Owls in South Carolina South Carolina is an important state for barn owls. Satellite tracking studies of barn owls have shown that a high percentage of young barn owls in the northern states migrate in the fall down over the eastern mountains and onto the coastal plains. Many of them winter in good habitat […]

Screech Owl Breeding Behavior

Breeding Habits of the Screech Owl Screech Owl Breeding Season During the snows and winds between late December and mid-February, male screech owls return to the previous year’s breeding sites. These may be holes in trees or nest boxes. Here they reclaim their territory, calling frequently, and roosting in both their nest cavity and in […]

Barn Owl Nests

Barn Owl Nesting Sites Around the World Cavity Nesting Birds Barn owls are cavity nesters, just as are many other birds, such as woodpeckers, titmice, chickadees, wrens, and bluebirds. In fact, the 8500 species of birds in the world can be divided into those that nest in cavities and those that build their own nests. […]

Barn Owls in Missouri

Missouri Barn Owls Almost the entire state of Missouri has good barn owl populations or the potential for them. The barn owl is very common along the eastern edge of the state in the interior river lowlands and the Mississippi Alluvial Plain. The northern half of the state harbors good populations in the Central Irregular […]